Our Process

The process is very simple and transparent. We take the time to understand your main financial objectives and deliver a tailored report with recommendations that are specifically suited to your needs.

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Discovery Call

Our first meeting is a key step in understanding your financial situation and goals. In our initial 15 minute session, we’ll explore your current finances, aspirations, and any concerns you have. This information is vital for us to conduct a thorough financial review, aimed at offering you a range of tailored options.

Rest assured, this initial consultation is complimentary and can be arranged in person or virtually, at your convenience.

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Online Documents

After our Discovery call, we will request that you complete a selection of online documents that will support us in understanding your financial situation and how best to put a plan in place for your needs.

We will request that you complete an Online Fact Find, Attitude to Risk questionnaire and sign a Letter of Authority. Once all completed, we get to work on preparing your recommendations.

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Research and Preparation

Once all documents are completed, we proceed to the research phase. Here, we evaluate your existing financial products like policies, investments, and pensions, ensuring they align with your needs.

We also explore the market for the best-suited options for you and commence your personalised financial report.

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Personalised Report

We craft a comprehensive financial report, tailored to empower you in steering your financial future. This report meticulously outlines every viable option we believe could benefit you. We then discuss this report together on a virtual session or an in-person meeting, clarifying each recommendation in detail.

After a thorough discussion, ensuring your full confidence and understanding, we collaboratively decide on the next steps forward, if any, tailored to your unique financial journey

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As we progress, our role is to assist in actioning any choices you make regarding your financial plan. If a particular recommendation resonates with your needs, we’ll put these into action.

To ensure your financial strategy remains on track, we conduct an annual review each year. This regular assessment allows us to monitor your progress and adjust your plan as needed, aligning with your evolving goals and ensuring your continued financial success.

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