Post Retirement Advice

Managing your own money in retirement is a big responsibility so you need to get it right from the start.
As you’ll be taking active withdrawals from your fund there will be an ongoing need to balance the growth needed to generate it and the long term preservation of your capital.
The investment options for ARF’s are almost endless so it’s important to take the time to design it properly so you can make the most of what you have. The choices you have range all the way from traditional insurance company funds all
the way up to self administered plans so you can choose a level of risk that suits your long term objectives.
Of course, as investment plans, you get the potential to grow your money in retirement but this also introduces an element of risk.

And, there’s many risk factors to consider given that many of them are new ones that you haven’t dealt with before so you need to be comfortable living with them before you commit to anything.
At the pension store we undertake to design your ARF around your current needs and expected future needs while keeping an eye on the evolving nature of the risk factors that exist.

We schedule annual reviews so that you can manage your risks, your investment exposure and the income you need.