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You control your pension and not your ex-employer

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5 Steps to Securing Your Own Pension

Step 1 – Track down your old pensions

We help you find and trace your old pensions. We liaise with all the major pension companies. You may have pensions you might not even know about!

Step 2 – Present options

We clearly spell out what your options are for your old pensions and advise on which route is most suitable

Step 3 – Choose pension strategy

Our expertise helps you choose the right investment and strategy. We will send you our risk assessment tool and a brief form to help us guide you to a suitable pension strategy.

Step 4 – Formal advice

Just before we submit the paperwork with your new pension, we spell out in plain English why this is a suitable option for you and the associated costs and fees. Nothing is set in stone until you are comfortable with everything and sign off on this advice.

Step 5 – New Pension Setup

We setup your new pension that you can access from age 50. We will then check in with you annually to ensure that the pension strategy is still suitable and appropriate

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