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Setting your financial goals is an important investment in your future. At Elevate Financial, we offer a bespoke and specialised advisory service catering for professionals seeking to maximise their pensions.

Tailored specifically for those who have existing pensions with previous employers, our advisory service not only provides clarity and guidance on the matter but also helps to navigate easily throughout the process. We work closely with clients through every step, helping them to unlock their true financial potential.

Look at Your Transfer Options

For those who have an existing pension with a previous employer typically there are four main options in regard to your scheme:

Move Your Pension Into Your Own Name

  • It is possible to move your pension into an account with only  your name on it. This is called a Personal Retirement Bond. (PRB)
  • Moving your pension to a PRB enables you to cut the cord with your old employer, and at the same time, your pension stays  independent from your new employer.
  • A PRB allows you to control the investment choice (aided by your financial advisor). You also have the benefit of transparency on charges (which are generally competitive by comparison to many company pensions), and the ability to move from one pension provider to another if you wish.
  • Setting up a PRB is also a great starting point for tracking down pensions from jobs you had years ago – it is never too late to reclaim those pension contributions, no matter how small.
  • And lastly, by moving your pension into a PRB, you will increase your options for drawing on that money when retirement day
    finally comes.

The Benefits of a Personal Retirement Bond

  • You have control over where the funds are invested.
  • You can invest in Property, Funds, Shares and Bank Deposits.
  • You can access the fund from age 50.
  • You have control over the cost of your fund.

Below are figures based on a period of 10 years.

Old Company Pension
€100,000- Default Fund

@5% Return p.a


€100,000 – Investment portfolio

@8% Return p.a


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