Corporate Investments: Is Cash on Deposit the Right Way to Go?

Cash on Deposit or Corporate Investment Bond? Company Surplus: An Alternative to Cash on Deposit When it comes to surplus cash on your company’s balance sheet, it makes perfect sense to keep that money at arm’s length in a deposit account. That way, you’re able to meet short-term cash requirements, right? While that may technically […]


3 Things You Need to Do to Hit Your Retirement Goals

How many years from now do you plan on retiring? How much money do you hope to have accumulated in your pension fund by then? While consistently putting money into your pension pot every month is great, it still might not be enough to get you to where you want to be when you reach […]


Q&A – Transferring a UK Pension to Ireland

Have you spent time living and working in the UK? Chances are if the answer is yes, you’ve probably contributed to a pension fund there. So if you’ve returned to Ireland for good, you should consider your options when it comes to transferring your UK pension into a QROPS.  But where do you start? We’ve […]


Should You Transfer Your Defined Benefit Pension Value?

Defined Benefit Pension (DB) schemes are dying out. With the number of DB schemes in Ireland dropping from 2,500 in the early 90s to just above 550 now, it’s no wonder that this steep decline has been making headlines in recent years. As more companies review their future commitments to their existing DB scheme and [...] Guides

8 Dos and Don’ts For Planning Your Pension

How much do you really know about your pension? Where or how it’s being invested, how many pension pots you’ve accumulated from previous employers, or when you’re eligible to withdraw a lump sum? They say that planning is bringing the future into the present, and that’s exactly how effective pension planning works. Whether you’ve just [...] Guides

The impact of redundancy on pensions

Those who have had their contracts of employments terminated and have been made redundant should be provided with leaving service options by their scheme administrator. They may also be entitled to a redundancy payment. Full-time employees paying Class A PRSI who have worked continuously for their employer for at least 104 weeks (2 years) will [...] Guides

The 3 Key Principles of Long Term Investing

The 3 Key Principles of Long Term Investing Should I stay or should I go now? It’s the million-dollar question when it comes to investments – when is the right time to take the money and run?   We get it. You’ve decided to invest a lump sum of your savings. You’ve committed to a […]


The No-Nonsense Guide to Transferring Your Pension

How many companies have you worked for in the past, oh, let’s say ten years? Two? Three? More than five? The days of sticking with one employer for the entire duration of your career are well and truly over. So while the generation before us often reached retirement age with a single pension to unlock, [...] Guides